Harvesting Aqua

Practical steps for an audacious challenge...

Harvesting Aqua isn’t just about rainwater harvesting… okay, well, it’s mostly about rainwater harvesting but the goal is to address current climate challenges and the pending water crisis one rain drop at a time. Big challenges like these don’t get solved in a night, just like a rain barrel doesn’t fill from one storm, they are addressed little by little and collecting and recycling rain water is an important environmental and effective step towards that end.

The articles, guides, and content contained within will help guide you to setting up your first rainwater system, or perhaps it may show you a technique you weren’t aware of before for your next system! Ultimately, I hope you find inspiration to start collecting rainwater, even if you have to take your project step by step.

Here are some good places to start:

My name is Jeff Jensen...

I added my first rainwater harvesting system to my house 5 years ago and ever since i’ve made dozens of weekend runs to the hardware store to augment my installation. The DIY and tinkerer nature of rainwater systems has captured my love and attention and I’m thrilled to share that passion with you. 

Aside from working on my harvesting system and other projects around the house, I’m a father of 3, a huge soccer fan, an avid hiker, and tech enthusiast. 

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